Energise! A Future for Energy Innovation

President Barack Obama has made energy and climate change the centrepiece of his programme to revive America’s economy.  China, India and the East want and need more energy.  Meanwhile, Britain’s shortage of electricity generation could bring about power cuts.

Energise!: A Future for Energy Innovation argues that you shouldn’t feel guilty about your carbon footprint. The way to deal with global warming is to build a bigger, better energy supply, not to invite the state to meter your family’s every use of energy at home and in the car.

Taking an in-depth view of the past, present and future of energy and climate change, Energise! sets out a programme for innovation in nuclear, carbon-based and renewable energy.  That programme is one in which governments and industry do what they are supposed to do: enable people to get on with their lives.


Monday 6 July 2009


6pm to 8pm


Voluntary donations requested on the day


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