Rethinking Global Politics

A Leeds Salon event in conjunction with Leeds Summat and Together for Peace

As part of T4P’s weekend of debate, conversation, culture and cabaret, ‘Leeds Summat’, we have invited David Chandler to discuss what we mean today when we talk about a ‘global’ world or ‘global politics’, drawing on themes from his latest book Hollow Hegemony: Rethinking Global Politics, Power and Resistance.

Even before the credit crunch it was commonplace to describe the world we live in as ‘global’, or to preface discussions with an acceptance that the world was rapidly ‘globalising’. In his presentation, David Chandler will seek to question what it means politically to understand the world in global terms.

Why is it that the world has become global? When did global consciousness develop and what does it express about ourselves and our social and political relationships? Why do we think of ourselves as global citizens, with global responsibilities? Can politics even exist in a global world? Or is global politics just nation-based politics writ large or does it express a very different normative content?



Saturday 21 November 2009


3pm to 4:45pm


Voluntary donation requested on the day


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