Headingley Festival of Ideas Schools Debating Competition

Date: Monday 19 May 2014

Venue: Shire Oak Room, HEART Centre, Headingley, 4:30pm to 8:45pm

Headingley FoILeeds Salon hosts the first Headingley Festival of Ideas Schools Debating Competition for years 10 & 11 (ages 14 to 16). The competition will use the format and Topic Guides of the Institute of Ideas sixth-form Debating Matters competition; which emphasises content over presentational style, and taking ideas and young people seriously. Read more...

Visit the Festival of Ideas website for the programme of events: www.headingleydevelopmenttrust.org.uk/festival-of-ideas



Tequila Night: Has Lad Culture Gone Too Far?

Date: Tuesday 20 May 2013

Venue: Shire Oak Room, HEART Centre, Headingley, 7pm to 9pm

Panel: Neil Walshaw (Labour Councillor), Georgia Greenfield (SARSVL), Dan Clayton (Film maker)

Tequila Night ProtestAs part of the Headingley Festival of Ideas, Leeds Salon premiers a short documentary, followed by panel discussion, examining the recent high profile campaign by Leeds’ students against Tequila Night, sparked by a promotional video for a 'Violate a Fresher' theme night. It features the views of protestors, the council, and club goers on the campaign, 'lad culture' and the closure of Mezz Club. Read more…

Visit the Festival of Ideas website for the programme of events: http://www.headingleydevelopmenttrust.org.uk/festival-of-ideas


World War I: Origins, and Warnings for the 21st Century

Date: Tuesday 17 June 2014

Venue: Room 1, Carriageworks Theatre, 6pm - 8pm

Speaker: James Woudhuysen

Frans MasereelFor this year’s Leeds ‘Summer Salon’ we’ve invited Professor James Woudhuysen, who will look at the origins of the First World War, and explore the parallels and the differences between 1914 in Europe and 2014 in East Asia. He will ask whether a 'pointless' war over the Senkaku Islands might in fact emerge as the extension, by other means, of today's anxious, precautionary politics.




What Does Authority Mean in the 21st Century?

Date: Tuesday 9 September 2014

Venue: Millennium Room, Carriageworks Theatre, 6:45pm to 8:30pm

Speaker: Frank Furedi

Respondents: Kim Knott and Jane Rickard

Authority: A Sociological HistoryFor our fifth anniversary event, author and social commentator Frank Furedi to discuss his last book Authority: A Sociological History.

In the 21st Century authority appears to have become “an elusive force”. While the issue and contestation of authority has been a central concern throughout human history, today the very idea of authority seems to be viewed in an almost entirely negative light. While every contemporary scandal or crisis creates a demand for authoritative solutions, this aspiration for authoritative answers seems to coincide with a cultural sensibility that is profoundly suspicious of the exercise of authority. In fact, it appears that we have become far more comfortable questioning than with affirming authority.



Resilience: The Governance of Complexity

Date: Monday 17 November 2014

Venue: Millennium Room, Carriageworks Thearte, 6:45pm - 8:30pm

Speaker: Dave Chandler

Over the last few years, resilience appears to have become the policy 'buzzword' of choice, so much so that it is not unusual to find commentators querying whether resilience can be the solution to a diverse range of governance questions and, if so, how this might work. Dave Chandler will look at both questions of resilience as a governance agenda, and how resilience-thinking impacts on how politics - both domestically and internationally - is understood to work and how problems are perceived and addressed.

Read more....

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