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The Leeds Salon is a public discussion forum founded in February 2009. The Salon organises discussions around political, cultural and scientific issues, with the aim of challenging any orthodoxies along the way, defending and developing the legacy of the Enlightenment and, above all, providing a space where free speech can take place. Find out more.

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Sunday 17 November 2019

Friedrich Nietzsche: The Death of God and its Consequences

The first of two autumn 2019 ‘Tetley Talks’ examining the ideas of two controversial thinkers – one past, one present Friedrich Nietzsche is one of most influential post-Enlightenment Western philosophers, whose writings have had a lasting and controversial legacy. Among those who have found inspiration in his works include: fascists, anarchists, nihilists, socialists, feminists, artists, devotees of physical culture, and arch-conservatives. Yet his philosophy has […]

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Saturday 30 November 2019

The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

The second of two autumn 2019 ‘Tetley Talks’ examining the ideas of two controversial thinkers – one past, one present Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at Toronto University and author of the best seller 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, seems to be loved and loathed in equal measure. Seen by some as a defender of free speech, science and reason, Peterson first […]

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Headingley FoI Years 10&11 Debating Competition 2020

The qualifying rounds for Leeds Salon’s the seventh, annual Years 10&11 Debating Competition will take place in January to win a place in the final, to be held in the spring at the HEART Centre, Headingley, as part of the Headingley Festival of Ideas.

In the final, the two qualifying round winners will meet the winners of The Tetley competition for south and central Leeds schools to be crowned HFoI Champions for 2020.

The Tetley Years 10&11 Competition 2020

Tuesday 21st January, Leeds Salon will host the fifth, annual Tetley Debating Competition for years 10&11 pupils from south and central Leeds Schools.

As well as being crowned ‘Tetley Champions’, the winning school will also go on to compete in the final of the Headingley Festival of Ideas Years 10&11 Competition against the north Leeds qualifying round winners, to be held in the spring.