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Thursday 25 November 2021

Beyond Confrontation: Globalists, Nationalists and their Discontents

Reactions to the Coronavirus pandemic have escalated the pre-existing tensions between the US and China, most recently over Taiwan, and among different Western nations. Decades of declining productivity, the monstrous expansions in debt and a series of recessions, culminating in the 2008 Western financial crash, have aroused more aggressive competition between the major capitalist economies. Against this rivalrous background, there has been a shift in […]

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The Switalskis / Leeds Salon Years 10&11 Debating Competition 2022

In January, the qualifying rounds for our annual Years 10&11 Debating Competition, previously part of Headingley Festival of Ideas.

We are pleased to announce that for the 2022 competition, leading local law firm, Switalskis Solicitors, are the new Headline Partners. Switalskis aren’t new to the competition of course, having been event sponsors since 2016.

For the 2022 final we are also pleased to announce that Thackray Medical Museum will be our new Venue Partner, hosting the final which will take place sometime in the spring.

Headline Partner

Switalskis Solicitors

Venue Partner

Thackray Medical Museum

Prize Sponsors

To be announced.