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The Leeds Salon is a public discussion forum founded in February 2009. The Salon organises discussions around political, cultural and scientific issues, with the aim of challenging any orthodoxies along the way, defending and developing the legacy of the Enlightenment and, above all, providing a space where free speech can take place. Find out more.

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Wednesday 6 October 2021

Identity Politics & Tribalism: The New Culture Wars

For our annual satellite event for the Battle of Ideas*, we welcome back author and academic Nikos Sotirakopoulos to discuss his new book, Identity Politics & Tribalism: The New Culture Wars. The public sphere has turned more toxic in recent years with the escalation of identity politics clashes on both left and right. With the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic and the onset of recession, […]

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The Leeds Salon Years 10&11 Debating Competition 2022

In January, the qualifying rounds for our annual Years 10&11 Debating Competition, previously part of Headingley Festival of Ideas.

For the 2022 final, we have a new venue partner, Thackray Medical Museum, who will host the final sometime in the spring.

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Thackray Medical Museum